Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You steal the sunflowers????

Remember the sunflower fields? Well, they are quickly developing and going "to seed". That's the point! The seed will be harvested and made into sunflower oil. OK, so apparently some people feel they can march right onto the farm and pick them before they go to seed. Um......HELLOOOOOOOOO..........first of all - this is private property! Someone OWNS this land, my friends The Maxwell's, and this is their CROP! These plants were not planted in huge fields for your veiwing pleasure or for free picking. I just can't imagine that???? What goes through their heads???

Nick got off his tedder and spoke to this one lady. She said the flowers were "dying" and she wanted to pick them before they died. He was livid!!! He kicked her off the private property!!! And made a nice little sign saying to STAY OUT! People feel entitled and I don't get that??????

Over at the community garden next to the sunflower field folks are growing ENORMOUS sunflowers. No one has just marched in and picked them. They are amazing!!

Can you imagine growing this only to find some stranger marching in and picking it because it is "dying". Who does such a thing?????? It makes me INSANE. People are so thoughtless sometimes.

On a lighter note, take a look at this little fellow!!! Very cool little garden creature.

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  1. Someone did that I think to our field yesterday, a Facebook friend, and posted it. She knows better. Trying to decide if I should say anything to her. Imagine if I walked into her vintage store and carted off a tea towel...would that be OK with her???