Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trouble on the horizon? I think not!

Trouble was not "on the horizon". Trouble was right there in their laps! GEORGE!!! Does he look like trouble? The other day during our walk he was on leash, as he usually is........because he is trouble.......and he starts sniffing and racing back and forth by the stream. Kathy lets the leash out some and down he goes into the thick brush. Ooops........I smell it immediately and start to yell.......OOOOOOOOhhhhhhh NOOOOOOOO!!! She pulls him back, yep skunked. He gets into trouble even when ON LEASH!!! LOL!!!

Been a busy couple of days around here. Little feral Mouse was getting really antsy to get out of her cage. So, she was no longer having sneezing fits, just a tiny bit congested and I thought it would be best to let her go. Being confined may just be prolonging the cold and the stress might be making things worse. Out she went. That night she found her way to the loft!!! Amazing, she figured that out so quickly, but Leta may have shown her the way. She is now down, eating on the grain bit, hanging around. I can't believe how comfortable she seems!!! I can get quite close to her!!!!

She still sounds like Darth Vadar, but she seems OK. Betty, on the other hand, while no longer neurological is STILL quite sick. Goopy eyes, sneezing, congested. It has been over a MONTH!!!!! OI!!!!

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