Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Huh, an "experimental" stage?

That's what Silvia said Spur is going through. Geez, I send my entries to a big event, the USDAA Nationals, and Spur has to go through and experimental stage. Good news is he is doing that NOW and not during the event, right? Oi!

One issue going on in this video is the first session the hit-it boards were not stable and he started to avoid them. ACK! Poor little guy. The next session I put only the one on the very end with the thought I would HUGELY jackpot any hits that low. Never did, except going the other way without the hit-it board. Hmmmm.

What I found interesting watching these are the strange one hind foot strides he does. Some he does on the contact, other times his second stride on the down ramp. It's like his one foot just goes along for the ride? Strange. I have noticed he has done that before. It's just an odd thing, almost like he is really heavy on the forehand and using his front to travel. I know he has to make adjustments and that may be one way. His power from one hind is slightly less than the power with two hind, but still it's a little odd?

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