Monday, August 8, 2011

Spur's very first double Q and a nice one at that!

Did another AKC trial, just the one day. GREAT trial, they run it SO well. Do all the Excellent runs first, starting with Jumpers, then Standard. So, we are done before noon!!! FREAKIN' awesome! Spur's Jumpers was fine, not super fast, but clean. His first run of the day is never his fastest. That's why USDAA suits him so well, the more runs the better he gets! But, it was still good enough for a fourth place from a very large 12" class. Largest class of the trial. And he was the ONLY mixed breed dog there! He ROCKED it!!!

His Standard was SMOKIN' for a third place and only by hundreds of a second! :D Good Little Monkey Pants!!! The crowd went nuts!! He has SUCH a big fan club! Just getting to the line is fun. He greats all his fans and they all pump him up. GREAT fun!!!! His dog walk hit was a little high because he did a 2-3-2 stride, but he got it. Barely. :P I really must instruct my people to zoom.

Was home by 2:00 and had a nice long farm walk. Just a perfect way to have a trial!

Saturday we worked on turns after the DW. Silvia wants front feet hits only now, so they land with hind feet to make a tight turn. Spur is hitting with both front and back, but always landing front first. I think his turns look fine, though, and to be pickier seems unnecessary. I sent her this video for review.

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