Saturday, August 6, 2011

Progressive flowers!

**First, Colby's vet report -
Sore lower back. She totally reacted during manipulation right at that spot. Nothing else caused that reaction, so we are trying some cold laser and Metacam. She seems a LITTLE better today.

OK, now for the flowers. The farm is growing sunflowers for restaurants to use the oil. Then, I guess, it will be recycled as biofuel. It has been VERY fun watching them develop. This is a HUGE field that was planted!!Last week the heads were really developed.One lone flower opened up.

Until today!!!! A whole bunch along the edge have opened!!! It is going to be SO pretty when they all bloom. They are all at different stages, I guess because of the soil, the moisture, whatever.

Just phenomenally pretty!!! The bees are very happy!!!

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