Friday, August 5, 2011

Colby's lame, or sore?

Her spring time snap test was a "weak positive". At that time, not lame. Now, she has been slowly looking lame. I brought her in for a C6 and it came back negative. Low score. Hmmm, that seems odd. To have a weak positive snap and a negative C6?

She seemed better. Now she's worse. Was just in the morning and after our walk and during the day better. Last few days, even in the afternoon she is sore. She hesitates to jump on the couch, walk the three steps to the back yard. She runs in the fields and woods OK, but there are chippies, you know!

We have a vet appointment today. I hate to doubt the lab test, but it sure seems lyme-like. Last night it was a front leg. The other day a back leg. Most often just seems like over all sore.

Maybe it's just arthritis.

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