Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August, WOW!

It is the busiest, craziest month. Family visiting, birthdays GALORE, and tons to do outside. It's nuts, August. No dog shows until the end of the month, but I did make the big leap and entered Spur at The Nationals. Our team name is......"Spurred into the Race". He is teaming with a dog named Race!!! :D

I put my order in for two feral kitties. They recently had to big hoarder cases. One with 50 cats and the other with 100. Not sure which one these girls came from, but they are pretty frightened. I also don't know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER PHOTO????? My dinosaur computer is not being nice to me!!! Anyway, this one I might name Mouse. She has a pointy nose and kind of looks "mousey". LOL!! The other one Rich named Pebbles. In the mind set of my new car which reminds everyone of a Flintstone vehicle. Hahahahaha!!
They will stay in the crate for two weeks to acclimate. They each have a tiny cat crate inside the big wire dog crate which is set up by the grain bin and where we feed Leta. They are tiny girls!! Probably only about 5 months old, poor frightened little things. So, if you don't see me here much it is because we are BUSY. In-laws just left, now I have to wash sheets and get ready for the next crew. Three teenagers and brother Bill! All fun, we love family, so it's all fun, but it does leave me with little time. And on top of that I have a work load FULL!!!!!

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