Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Double-Q for Spur-de-Blur at the AKC trial!

I have to RUN MY ASS off to get in a front cross so he didn't take the tunnel after the jump after the DW, but I did it. I can RUN when I put my mind to it!! :D Tunnel after a DW is how we train, so that could have been an issue. What I really like about this run is even with that front cross he still charges into his poles. He has always been thoughtful and careful, often slowing to a trot to get his pole entry. Not so this day!! He pretty well charges into them in his JWW run, too.

Placed 3rd in JWW out of 22 dogs and I THINK he won his standard class. I left as soon as it was done, but it was a SMOKIN' run! 42.05 seconds, which some big FAST dog probably beat, but I don't think anyone in the 12" class beat. It was a challenging course, lots of dogs took the tire at the end of the run as it was tough getting a tight turn to that last jump. Many did a nice back cross, but some drove their back cross too much and still got the tire. Spur went a little wide, but he made it!!!

Standard -


Again, he was the only mixed breed dog there. Good little Monkey Pants! He was SO happy and fast!!

OK, so now my bitch. My friend filmed me, she actually offered.and that's nice. But, when I asked her to zoom in she said I would have to ask someone else as she didn't have her glasses on. Um.....what???? Why is filming so hard??? You aim the camera at the movement in the room and you got it!! You really don't even have to look through the camera. You can't miss US!!! It's one big room and we are the only thing out there moving. Just aim generally at us and you got it!!!! Nope, can't do it, she was firm about it, so I gave up. I didn't have time to instruct anyone else on turning the thing on and zooming. It just seems SO simple to me??????

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  1. Nice job! I love the DW and your handling!

    Filming is apparently hard. I tried for people to get 4 runs taped today and only have 1 actually recorded. 1 run was missed completely, 1 had the lens cap on, and 1 was started but turned off 1/3 of the way through. The one that was taped was fine except the part I wanted, the DW! was blocked by a person!