Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kitties and dogs and........more SUNFLOWERS!

The poor feral girls still have colds. It's bumming me out! Their release date would be Sunday, but with the hurricane coming I sure won't let them out during that. But, I won't let them out if they STILL have colds. They should be over them by now, it's been over 10 days. Ugh......but, they are getting braver and actually eat in my presence now. They still hiss at me when I reach in to clean their cage.

This patch of sunflowers is the other field. It's just amazing! I am worried, though, how they will do with Irene. ????
Headed out for our walk the other day and Mr. Foxie was chowing on corn. Didn't even look up when I yelled. I made sure the dogs didn't see him/her.

Trimmed Spur's belly fur. He splashes on it when he pees, so I decided to just trim away. Kind of over-did it a little, but it is growing out and looking better. Sure defines him better, handsome boy. Squinting in the low sunlight.

There is something about Roscoe's ears when he runs. Can they BE any CUTER???? He's such a dork when he runs. No aerodynamics about Roscoe!

**Laura, Lance and Vito!! Since I can't seem to post comment on blogs these days, I'll reply here and hope you see it. Ran three DW's last night in class and Spur was as perfect as could be. Go figure. Silvia suggested I try the 180 turns on a FLAT plank and see if I can get him deeper there. And then maybe move the stick a little out from the end of the DW and see what happens.

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  1. I love that last picture!! He can fly with those ears!

    That is AWESOME with Spur's DWs!!! Vito and I were doing 180 turns on a low board with a pole and it was going really well even as I increased height. But it seemed to really be messing with his straight ones so I quit doing them a few months ago. I then switched to moving a jump very slowly to different angles. I think most of our problem is that we've had to start and stop so many times due to getting out to the place that has a DW and Vito's anxiety/medication issues. Since you won't have to deal with that crap I'm sure Spur and you will sail along. Please post video, I'm still obsessed with DW videos, especially turns :)