Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What happens to time in August?

Will it get better in September? I don't know. I am SO far behind. Maybe I just need a bitch session.
Maybe that's not the right thing to do.
I mean every time I try to train Roscoe to stop barking, it never works. Like an uphill battle. Like a train out of control. I just quit. I can't ever get that to work.
I do want to fix things and that's really hard. How does one fix so many things? Pebbles, the new feral kitty, STILL has a snotty nose and eyes. I can't release a sick kitty!!! OI!
Colby is better on prednisone. Oh, you didn't know she wasn't well? See, it's been that long since I updated anything here. She has been sore in her lower back. Not doing stairs well, but doing flat out running OK. She is better once warmed up. We tried nsaids and cold laser, but they didn't work. Drugs, good ole powerful steriods and she is MUCH better. We have an appointment with the neurologist Friday.
Little Leta feral kitty smashed her canine tooth. Had to go to the vet to have that removed and the shards taken out of her gums, poor thing. She ate that night. Must have hurt BAD!
Back to dog shows. This weekend AKC so long as the hurricane doesn't interrupt our travel.
Training turns with Spur, which has weakened his dog walk some. Missed it or nearly missed it last night in class. Silvia said that might happen, but would eventually get better and better as they figure out all options. OK, but it's still pretty scary to see the misses or near misses. Hard to see with little Spur.
I think everyone has been notified about me going to the Nationals. DAMN, that is tough. I have a lot of people to notify and find dog walk coverage for. Not everyone got coverage, but as a self employed sole proprietor it's just something my clients have to deal with. I need time off like everyone else.
Is life good??? YES, it sure it, but it sure is packed full.
August - as a farm kid it was my least favorite month. Too much to do. Crops to harvest, hot sticky weather, tourist to deal with and winter to start thinking about. August can be my least favorite month. My head starts to spin and sometimes I am happy to day goodbye to August.

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  1. No not turn training! I hate it and Vito is not making very good progress. I wish I had introduced it while he was still in the very early stages.

    Enjoy your vacation off work for Nationals!!!

    And great news with Colby!