Monday, June 3, 2013

Well, hello there!

This young buck showed up on the other side of my agility yard yesterday. Love the little leaf in his mouth!

Did you notice the new DW? Well, OK, not new but seven years old. I got a nice deal on it. Aluminum frame, but wood planks. I intend to change the planks to rubber ASAP. They now make whole panels that completely replace the wood planks. I am pretty pumped! Now my big dog friends can come play on it!!! :D


  1. So exciting! If I ever get to buy a house the very first purchase I'll make is a dogwalk :

  2. Well, it was time. My old one was home made and only 10" wide. Not safe for my friend's dogs and Spur fell off it a couple weeks ago. I was amazed, though, at trying to buy a new one. They are back ordered everywhere! A very popular item, for sure!