Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh I hope they survive!

 My Oriental Karine poppies are in full bloom and more to come, but they are SO tender I am worried about the two inches of rain on it's way from Tropical Storm Andrea. :O

 Showing it next to the common orange poppy to show how huge these are!
 Posture of an old dog. Roached back, knobby knee from surgery years ago, no muscle tone in her thighs, head held lower.
 Baby hay!
Wild Iris patch!

 Paint brush!
 A better angle of the old girl, who isn't THAT old. She turns 14 later this month.

 The giant pollywog! There are HUNDREDS!
 Such a sign of summer!
 I just like the background of this photo.
 Mr. I Will Live Forever And Torment You The Whole Time Rotten Roscoe! He is at least 14 since he is older than Colby. He will always have that puppy look.
 Outtakes from our group photo.

 This one came out pretty nice!
 The elusive red wing black bird. They have the most awesome display where they open their wings and flutter, but I just can't seem to get that on film.

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