Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I hope they make is successfully out of the barn!

Normally, I destroy any nest building materials in the barn, but this year the phoebes built and laid eggs while we were away and I didn't have the heart to tear it down. Maybe that would have been the kinder thing, but so far the parents have survived and the babies are about to f ledge.

 We have barn cats, very good barn cats. What WERE these bird brains thinking???? (So hot yesterday even the birds were panting)
 Phoebes are hard to photograph. Their dark coloring and dark eyes doesn't allow for definition.
 The tree swallows have babies now, too!! And they are working hard and heating up.

 I would imagine that pole is hot???? I freshen the bird bath every day. Although, I have never seen the swallows bathe or drink there. All the other birds do. Especially, our poor non-stop singing bachelor sparrow.

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