Monday, June 24, 2013

Trial report!

Three days of agility in MAINE!! YAY!! At Wasamki Springs campground, a very nice place for a trial. Weather was perfect! Not too hot, not much rain, really lovely! Spur did great! Not breaking the times we want to break, but still very respectable and good for outdoors where he never runs as well. He even beat some super fast dogs! Maybe they held their contacts long, but whatever, Spur beat them!

Spur went 6/6 this weekend, good Little Monkey Pants! And with that he is all qualified for AKC Nationals! He needed 49 points and this weekend he wracked up over 100. :D

We also had a very exciting walk yesterday. George caught scent of something and did a B-line across the field. Of course, we all just sigh and head on after him hoping he will return, Kathy on her phone calling Nate. Well, Nate comes quickly on the golf cart and searches for him. We can see his head as he is leaping in the grass after something. A young groundhog and he got it dead, just like that. OH he was so proud. He marches it back to show the pack and.............well..........Rotten Roscoe was PUMPED and tried to steal it!!! Seriously!!! OMG, we were all both hysterically laughing and totally grossed out watching George and Roscoe play tug of war with the poor dead ground hog. George was NOT letting go. Roscoe finally gave up. OI!!! George went home with Nate to sit on the laugh with his prize............for two hours. You just don't take away a prize like that from a border terrier.

Here is our practice from last week I never posted. Geez, hard stuff!!! But, he sure is faster at home.

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