Friday, June 14, 2013

It is all about shit

OK, so this was last year, but you get the point. Spur has been finding something shitty to roll in every SINGLE day and sometimes twice/day.

 Whoops, photos got out of order? I decided to give Spur a new Frisbee. His old one was tattered and no longer had the rubber supports in it, so basically it is just a rag.
 He likes the new one!
 The old one.........

 OK, back to the shit. This time he really did it. Not just on the side of his neck, which is pretty easy to hose off, but ALL UP AND DOWN HIS BACK AND NECK!! AND HEAD!! He was covered in SHIT. Damn it!!!
 "Who me??"
 So, off to the bath tub he went. We tried the dreaded blow dryer, but he FREAKED out and I gave up. Usually I only bathe him on a sunny day so he can dry outside, but this was an "emergency bath" and it was damn and cloudy. He finally dried and I brushed and brushed and he looks beautiful and now I have managed two days without a shit roll. I would almost rather he just eat it. Then I wouldn't have to bathe him.
We are being extra vigilant because the workers are now on the farm and, yet, there is no porta potty. Which means the woods are suspect, if you know what I mean. :O

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