Monday, June 10, 2013

It was Agility Blog day last week some time one day

And I guess I missed it. The theme was how to improve dog agility. Really? What is to improve? We try hard, we end up about middle of the pack, it is all fun. what is to improve? 
Getting my dog to stop bouncing the poles? She liked to do that, I won't improve that.

 Besides, how can I improve agility when I can't even get my dogs to sit together without yelling at them? I don't think I am qualified to "improve agility".

 Maybe they don't all sit together because I dress them as spiders. Poor dog!
 Oh but we are Champions! I should know how to improve agility, I have a Champion! He hates me for making him sit like that with that stupid huge ribbon on his collar. Poor dog.
 He would rather hump obedience judges. We really are not qualified to say how to improve agility.
 Colby probably would like to improve agility by adding frog ponds to all the trials. Now THAT would improve agility.
 Spur would improve agility by taking out the teeter.
 Really, how does one improve agility? These three think that agility is for sissies, most of the time. After all they hunt turkeys in the rain. A big agility competitor just had a major spill with her young dog running agility in the rain and the agility world is all up in arms about it and now we must improve agility. My dogs chased wild turkeys through the slippery woods and fields. They think agility is for sissies. You can't really improve much on that. Agility? Just let it be. It is a fun game, all my dogs enjoy it, add some wild turkeys and a frog pond and we have a great time! And run in the rain if you want. Mine chase wild turkeys in the rain, but ask them to do agility in the rain? Nah. Dog agility isn't fun in the rain. That's how we improve on dog agility. Everyone has to make their own improvements. We just don't go if it rains and run after wild turkeys instead. That's more fun, after all. I honestly don't know how to improve dog agility.

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