Sunday, June 16, 2013

Amazing day!

We finally get a NICE day!!! So much rain lately, it was getting OLD! But, yesterday, sunny and 73 degrees all day, just LOVELY!!

My foxglove is lovin' it!

 These two good pals helped me garden. Hmmmm, if only I could teach them to kill the moles and not disturb my plants?

 They really are good pals. They even play some, but the age difference is pretty big and Colby is pretty much done with play. She still tolerates him and he is pretty gentle. They often choose to hang out together.
 Even in the shade she squints that eye.
 My beautiful volunteer California Poppies!!! Such a pretty, whispy little flower.
 We headed out on the boat for a sunset cruise. Saw this guy/gal on the dock as we headed out. Looks like it doesn't have legs?
 Rich whistled to it to turn it's head.

 We grabbed a mooring at Cocktail Cove and, well, had cocktails and watched this beautiful creature hunting for dinner. It was quite far away and the movement of the boat kept me from getting good focus, but very cool photos.
 Sure wish these two were in better focus.

 Heading back the sunset was amazing!!
 Over Fort Gorges with the Peaks Island Ferry going by.........
Just gorgeous!

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