Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trial report!

We did another outdoor trial. AKC this time. And, OMG, there was a back side (push) after the dog walk!! You should have heard the people complaining. Goodness!!! Some even saying they thought that back sides were not allowed in AKC. Hahahahaha!! We have been seeing more and more of them. It was the exact set up Spur and I have been working, so he did it without any hesitation, good little Monkey Pants! He didn't come of the line as fast as I wanted, but it was 90 degrees out and he never runs as well outside. That said, I think he ran very well. This course was 3.8 YPS, which is pretty normal for him, so I was really pleased!!! We still want to break 4 YPS, but for an outdoor trial this was good speed.

Also, everyone was oohing and ahhing about the blind I did on the second to last jump in jumpers. Goodness, people, these are not that hard and just make sense!! Sure makes sense to Spur, I just get out of his way.

I do like how he came off the line in jumpers. It was HOT!!! No video from the second day, but even hotter and he did almost as well!! We are now about 50 points away from qualifying for Nationals. Yay!!! In PA next spring, so a totally do-able drive. I already have a room booked, knowing those will go fast.

1 comment:

  1. That was an awesome blind cross :)

    I would've definitely NQed on that dogwalk push with Vito :)