Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Miss Colby Carlson!!

She is 14 today! I am very happy to have a dog live that long. I know, longer would be nicer, but Jess only made it to 10 so I am glad to have longer. 

Here she is in her foster home at 5 months old. Pretty girl!

 At her peak!
 Last year hiking Sugarloaf!
 She loves water.......

She is so pretty, even with just one eye.
She love her special ball..


 Loves it!!
 She gets it every morning, then we take it away until the next morning.

She and Spur are good friends.

 She loved agility! She can still do her weaves, even with only one bad eye!
 Hiking in the white mountains! Happy days!!

 Wearing her bling!

 Her favorite thing, hunting frogs...........

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