Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And with that, they fledged!

Auto-correct wants to correct the word fledge, but it IS a word, isn't it? 

Mom or dad caught a dragonfly for them. Really? That seems big for those tiny babies.

 Oh and we saw a glossy ibis on the farm yesterday. Cool, prehistoric looking thing!

 See baby phoebe? Oh, what a scary day!!!
 But, it was so hot and I fed the cats SO much that they just plopped on the floor of the barn in digestive bliss and I believe left the babies along. Oh, it was scary. That one took off and then landed on the ground right out back in definite CAT territory! :O
 Precious little thing seeing the world for the very first time.

 NOT a good spot, dumb bird brain..........
 I flushed it to some weeds.

 Then it wanted back in the barn and plopped on the manure pile. Again, NOT a good place, the cats hunt rodents all over that pile all day long! >:/

 I flushed it again and it tried to head back to the barn, then landed on my finger!!! :O I tried to get a photo with one hand, but couldn't manage that and it flew to this location on the back side of the lean-to. I left it there and fed the cats some more.
I have seen no sign of feathers, so I believe they all fledged successfully!! :D Poor things, though, had to weather out that down pour and crazy storm we had last night. But, at least the cats didn't get them. I will give it a week and then destroy the nest. I don't want them nesting there again!

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