Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It has been a very nice day so far!!

Our morning walk was LOVELY, after we ran through the woods to get away from the deer flies. It's THAT time of year, we run through the woods. The open fields were SO pretty, the sky so blue, the hay freshly cut and smelled great!! Good hay making weather!!! Perfect, really!!! 
I even went for a ........jog today. I just can't say a run, I seriously do not run when the stupid, idiot chick with the baby stroller can pass me. I jog. It is all I can muster. I am not and have never been a RUNNER. I LOVE running agility and can run fast, faster at times then any of my dogs like, but run several miles down the road, nahhhhhhh.

We saw our resident hawk this morning. Beautiful animal!!!!
 Then Rich took me camera shopping. I know have a new Canon camera that should be able to take THIS photo and in focus!!! They didn't have one in stock, so it will arrive next week, but I am PUMPED. I love my little pocket camera, but sometimes it just doesn't take good photos.
 As much as I love my iPad for video and making quick movies, one can not zoom in. I want a better video camera, too. So, I am pretty pumped for my new camera. It is not a pocket camera, but whatever, the pocket cameras don't do it for me. They are too hard to change the settings and just don't take good enough photos. I know they now have some that can take great photos, but changing the settings on the little computer program is not easy, even for those who are computer handy. I want a KNOB to change. I need that.
Yep, it's that time. Happy Birthday to me. No big party, I am actually off to dog class tonight. Who wants to celebrate 50???? Really??? Are you THAT happy to be 50???? Were YOU happy to get the AARP letter? Seriously????? I didn't mind 40, actually LOVED turning 40 except for the new hairs that needed tending to on my chin, but I felt great at 40. 50? I can not say I feel great. I feel, just OK. Some days I feel like crap.  Some days I feel great, like today. I felt great today! The day I turn 50. Half a century old. I even did my jog in the middle of the day, just so I could say I did it in the heat of the day, a 50 year old. I DID IT!!!! It wasn't really THAT hot, when you think of other areas around the country. 108, now that's hot. Today, barely 80 and a nice breeze and low humidity. I am STILL very pleased I did my jog in the middle of the day and survived. :D
Especially, since I am now ...........  gasp  ...........50!!! Damn it!
(I honestly don't know why I am impressed with my little jog, all of one mile, when Rich's dad hiked Sugarloaf last year........he was 78) 


  1. Happy birthday!!! I certainly am no jogger, props to you!

  2. Oh my goodness! The HAPPIEST of birthdays to you, Amy!!!! When I turn 50 I want my legs to look like yours!!!! :)