Thursday, July 26, 2012

More pictures!

 Are you getting tired of flower photos, yet? Too bad!

I took these sitting on my patio last weekend having my coffee, ready the paper, enjoying the beautiful setting. I sometimes can't believe I live here!!!! The only thing that would improve my view would be big open fields surrounding the house. Sure, we have the pastures, but not the acres and acres of open I would like.

 Hummingbirds are very hard to photograph. The focus keeps adjusting as the bird's wings flap! I need to try again and get them while they sit on the perch to feed, but I like this shot because it shows a drop of "nectar" on it's beak!!
 A goldfinch stopping at the bird bath!!!
 The dill, framed by the morning shadow of the trees beyond as the sun starts to rise.

 Seriously, these awesome shots were taken from my patio chair. I never even got up!!!

 This is my favorite!!!

 These of the budding Queen Anne's Lace were taken on the path. I love how it starts out pink! And has a curious red dot in the center!
 Can you see the little spider webbing along the outer edge?

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