Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New camera!

OK, so I know I promised a more extensive trial report, but really what more is there to say? It was three long, hot, dusty days and Spur did great!!! Would I do it again? Hmmmmmm, at THAT trial site??? JULY???.........Hmmmmm........I really doubt it. I mean, there were some fun times. We had a great tent site ringside, next to Andy Hartman, King of USDAA agility. He was filming for the life feed and was SO nice and pleasant and he really liked Spur. He is from Texas. It wasn't even that hot to him!!!! I wish I had taken more photos. I only brought my iPad and only took a few. Maybe I can load them later. I think I have an app for that from going to TN. The trial did have some cooling ideas...........they set up two cooling tents side by side. Basically, a hose with misters attached to the tents so you could stand there and get misted. Awesome!!! And one misting machine. Awesome!!! It was like a stand alone unit that you plug in and attach a hose to. It blows air and mist. Awesome!!! Spur got used to being misted. A beagle was taught to target the mister. Hahahaha, funny little dog got it in no time! Heck, target a misting machine when it is nearly 100 degrees, no problem said the beagle. My biggest complain was the lack of shade. This side was inside the race track of a fairground. There are no trees inside a race track at a fairground. And cars had to drive over the dry, dusty track. That meant, well......DUST. I actually spent ALL DAY on Monday cleaning the dust out of the inside of my car. It was EVERYWHERE. All the crates had to be hosed, the bedding all washed. All my spare clothes that I always have in my car, washed. My chair, hosed. I used the shop vac, then the house vac with it's brush head to get into the crevices. Then I washed the inside of the windows, the dash, anywhere that could be washed, I washed. All day I cleaned my car. Yeah, not much fun each night trying to shower off after a long day of dog agility, layers of sunscreen, dust, dog hair and saliva, more dust, dried grass the dog's paws left on me, more sunscreen........get it? Not much fun. But, did I mention Spur ran great!!! OK, so that's it, no more about the trial. Now to my new camera!!!! I spent yesterday, all day, learning it. I really want to figure this one out and get the most out of it. All day, taking photos using different settings and STILL I haven't learned all it can do. It can be set to click when someone smiles. Or winks. Yep, you read that right, it has a "face detect" and a "wink" setting!!! The wink setting even says "wink harder" if it doesn't work at first. OMG!!!!! Anyway, here is a sample of some photos.

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