Friday, July 27, 2012

His name is Nate

Introducing ............ Nate!!! Yep, baby cow born a couple weeks ago. He was over by the barn for a few weeks and it was just not the best photo setting. Muddy, dark, in the trees. So, finally got him in the grass and sun. We actually had a previous calf born the day after the first day of summer.........called her Summer!! She's very pretty, a black cow!!! But, I can't find the photo I took of her. The cows and calves are not allowed in the field, so they are farther from us now, across the stream and thus harder to photograph.

So, why is this calf named Nate? All the others have been more "seasonal". Easter, Sunflower, Beacon ( it was born the Beach to Beacon race weekend), Summer. Why Nate??? Well, ask a toddler what he wants to name the baby and when that toddler has only a few words and one is his favorite person........Nate. Well, the name he chose was.......... Nate. :D

Funny how I talk about these cows as "ours". That is not true. We don't own these cows or care for them or really have anything to do with them. We just look at them. LOL!! Every day, sometimes twice a day, we walk past these cows. So, I say "we" had a cow born. Strange. I guess that sense of community and some how we feel connected because our land connects? I talk that way about our resident rooster. "Our" rooster. I have a couple new photos of him, too, but I haven't loaded them, yet. He is really something. "Our" rooster. Stay tuned.

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