Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Put Roscoe back on his happy pills

Yeah, it has been about 8 months now and I just feel like his "edge" is there without the meds. It isn't a miracle drug, but the buspirone just takes the edge off a tiny bit and lately with the crazy weather we are having I think he needs some help. I simply would not want to live in his "world". His anxious little mind must make him crazy, because it sure makes US crazy, LOL!!! I wish he could just tell me what feels best. 

For me, I am considering a happy pill. Next week I turn 50 and my hormones are wacky and it SUCKS!! NO way am I doing a big party celebration like we did for Rich's 50th. HE might be enjoying this age, but for me there are too many health quirks that are NOT enjoyable. It is like a cruel joke. Life is good, settled and patterned and comfortable and suddenly we get thrown hormone changes that FUCKING SUCK! There, I said it. :P

OK, enough bitching. I have nothing to bitch about. Life is good, the weather right now is FABULOUS, my world is charmed and beautiful. Surrounded by amazing flowers everywhere I go. And being a dog walker I go lots of places. So, I have a TON of flower photos today to share. And one chicken in a cage. The Strawberry festival dinner was last Friday night. They had a silent auction. Someone donated 6 chickens. The display was..........well..........a chicken. LOL!! Hahaha, that little hen sure had an interesting evening! Got fed lots of tidbits and saw a lot of activity!! Someone ended up taking her home, along with five others. :D

 I had to look up this flower. It is a giardiania (sp?). Might have to get me one of those!!! Very pretty.

 The beach debris pile is growing. Some of that wood would make nice displays in a garden. It is lovely and bleached and preserved by the ocean!
 I don't know what this plant is, but it grows wild. Reminds me of fireworks. I bet many fireworks are made to resemble flowers.
 The rosa regosa is pale and pretty these days.
 The morning glories take over and are basically choking weeds, but SO pretty!!
 Sweet peas!!!!

 A salvia?
 Nothing says summer like shasta daisies.

 Another flower that looks like a firework display!!! Bee balm?
 What is this?
 This cute little butterfly flitters around the streams. It is very cool looking!!!

Love hydrangeas!!

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