Monday, July 23, 2012

Yesterday's trial

We did just one day. Last day of my vacation! Waaaaaaa...............It was SO nice being home all week just doing "nothing". I mean, seriously, I did LOTS of stuff, like went for a jog nearly every day, put my compost on my perenial gardens, weeded the vegetable garden, washed windows, cleaned the house, went shopping and spent HOURS messing around with my camera. But, it was just "nothing". I had no schedule, no plans, I was so chill about my day it felt GREAT!!!! I love my job, but it is nice not to have to be any where and not to have anyone depending on me for being there. I was at no one's demand, no plans, no schedule, that was AWESOME!!!!

But, my last day I did a trial. It was a wonderfully small trial and a great group of folks!!!! I had a blast. I left the house wondering why I would do such a thing on such a nice day. It was indoor in A/C, which was nice, but it was actually very nice here. I questioned myself as I drove down the driveway at 5 AM. However, once I got there and ran Spur I was PUMPED!! OMG, he ran GREAT!!! He was SO happy and into it and he Q'd and won his first four classes!!!! Got a Super Q and the WICKED hard gamble that I think only three other people got!!! It was AMAZING!! The crowd went NUTS!!! I always doubt I can get the gamble and sometimes just don't even try and just run something Spur would like, but this one had all the components of Silvia's Foundations class!!!! The first was a very far send to a tunnel.........yeah, got that, I think. He likes me with him, but he LOVES his tunnels. Then once in the tunnel a wrap jump. Got that if he goes for the tunnel the wrap would be easy. Then a VERY tough push to a back side of a jump. THAT was what presented the trouble for most. I I just need to approach it as a push. Not approach it with a straight line from the previous jump because then he would think serpentine, he needed a PUSH. So, after the wrap I brought him in away from the jump so I could then PUSH him to the back side. OMG, he SO got that. Easy peasie pumpkin pie!!! :D Like it was just MADE for us!!!! I don't think the others who got it made it look that easy!!! Even the judge was impressed!! He made a point to come up to me and tell me what a nice gamble that was!!! Hahahaha!!!! I think he was just happy SOME people got it. A zero Q rate isn't exactly what a judge wants, LOL!!!

See for yourselves...................


  1. Wow, that gamble was awesome!! And he looks so happy and fast!

  2. Thanks Laura, Lance and Vito!!!! :D