Saturday, July 21, 2012

More fun with my camera!!!

While the photos of the horses rolling are cool, I can't say they are "having fun". They are rolling to scratch all the bug bites they are getting. Oi!! This is a tough time of year. The flies are nasty and seem to love the taste of fly spray. I am glad I am not some sort of livestock this time of year.

 I know, it's not in focus, but I still enjoy any photo with THOSE ears!!!
 My Gerbera Daisies are SO pretty.  .
 With flash..........
 without flash.......
 Toulouse! He's an odd cat, but he is growing on me.

 These guys interrupted my walk the other morning, bounding out of the corn field. Thankfully the dogs were busy hunting rodents in the tall grass, so their noses were pointed down.
 Our resident hawk, very far up in a tree........

 He/she was in the middle tree. :D I was able to stabilize my camera on a fence post.

 More Gerbera Daisies!!! Just cuz........
 The neighbor's garlic. Being harvested today, I hear.
 It looks like it has "life" to it and they are all listening to someone give a speech, or something!
It is a unique plant!

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