Sunday, July 8, 2012

My two weeks vacation started yesterday!! YAY!!

We rearranged our patio furniture some. The early morning sun was beating on the table. But, I like the new configuration! It looks so "conversational". The table is now off to the right, shaded in the morning, so we can have our coffee and paper out there, if we want.

 I think I am going to have to kick Rich out of MY...........errrrrr............Roscoe's chaise!!!!
 Huh, Spur seems to be enjoying the chaise!!!
 Yes, I made the Pin Heads pose together.
 It has been very hot lately. Not like the rest of the country, over 100, ICK, but certainly hot for us. George enjoys a little "Hippo time". We say George acts like a hippo in the stream.
 He just sinks down and soaks. Ahhhhhhhh.....................

 He stole some peas the other day. I caught him on film. Evidence!
Huh, guess I have evidence of another thief..........
 The guys just stood there and watched. Those are guy feet you see. MY feet are freshly pedicured with a gold polish. Bold and different, not my usual maroon or deep red. Had a luxurious, full pedicure today. What a luxury!!! What a pampering!! What a way to start off my vacation!!!! I love a good foot massage almost as much as food. And I sure like food.
 George and Nate head off into the sunset. See George's little head looking out of the side of the golf cart? SO cute!!!

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