Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer is in full force!!!

The flowers around town are absolutely beautiful right now. Lots of rain, some heat and sun and they are thriving!!!! I walk a lot of neighborhoods for my work while walking dogs and it is so fun seeing all the beautiful flowers!!!

 I particularly like these small poppies. Very petite and pretty.
 Such a happy little flower!!!
 Anyone in the Willard Beach area? Big "block party" coming up. Even an outdoor movie!!! Sounds like a lot of fun!!! I will be away at the USDAA Regionals!
 The milkweed looks very happy right now. I have been seeing Monarch butterflies around and they must be happy. The milkweed looks healthy and strong right now!!! Such a unique and fragrant plant!!!

 So many Clematis blooming. Not a flower I have ever had here, but it seems hardy and easy. Lovely when it climbs lamp posts. Maybe I should try it here some day. Like I need any more plants?? LOL!!

 Now for introducing Shirley. She is not one of my charges, just a dog I meet out walking the Oakhurst area. I first met her when they first got her as a tiny pup a few months ago. Their first dog, a maltipoo. She is all of 6lbs and happy, happy, happy unless she has to walk any distance. Then she puts on the breaks and I think you could drag her and file her nails. :O She seriously stops walking, so they now carry her in a sling. Of course, if she is with another dog she trots along like a "normal" dog, but alone little Shirley has her people well trained. And judging by mom's smile, carrying Shirley is A-OK. :D Shirley goes for her first grooming soon. Poor groomer, LOL!!!

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