Friday, June 1, 2012

Rough night for Miss Colby, but she is better today!

She just could not settle.I know she had to be tired, but she would whine and stand and look just plain old unhappy. Poor thing. My vet called and said the pre-anesthetic torbutol could have that affect on some dogs. I don't remember her acting this way when her eye was removed last year. Maybe they used different meds, I don't know, but I will ask and then make sure they note in her file that she didn't do well with the torbutol. I gave her pain meds, but she was still not happy. We tried her in bed, but she was restless, so I brought her down stairs and just hoped she finally rested. She is much better this morning. YAY. She lost three upper incisors and five lower ones. My vet said they were probably causing her some pain and I know she was licking her mouth a lot in the past year. So, this was good to get done. I gave her more pain meds this morning. Yesterday Spur was perhaps comforting her, good boy. Surely Roscoe wasn't, he would never. LOL!!! I caught her in a rare moment with her eye closed, resting. It was a rough day for Miss Colby Carlson.

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