Saturday, June 9, 2012

My dad's horses stayed the night

How many people can say that had a couple horses over for the night? :D They arrived Thursday at 4:00 having made the trick from Louisville KY. Many stops along the way as there were others they picked up and dropped off. Still an adorable donkey in the trailer to deliver. I didn't get a photo of him/her, but saw the ears through the trailer window. CUTE!!! I shut mine up in the barn and let Andy and Archie have the dry lot for the evening. They ran and bucked and rolled the travel cooties off. Of course, I can't seem to get my video to work for the GOOD shows, but I did manage a kiss. Very sweet, they obviously are very attached. Andy is the lighter and bigger one and more confident. Archie is smaller and definitely looks to Andy for support. Beautiful animals! Dad won't roach their forelocks like that, he will certainly let them grow thick and pretty. We then swapped and put these two in the barn for the night and my three stayed out. I was glad it was a nice evening and not one with CRAZY INSANE thunderstorms like LAST night. :O Holy SMOKES, we even heard some electrical explosion about 11:30 last night. Rich even got up and went out the the barn to make sure it wasn't our electric fence. Everything was working fine, but somewhere, someone had an electrical issue. It wasn't lightening at the time, the storm had passed, so it was a strange event. Woke us both up out and we laid in bed saying to each other........"What was THAT???". Our power was still on, so it was odd, but maybe another neighborhood had a transformer burst. Who knows, but I was glad those storms didn't come through while we had our visitors.

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