Tuesday, June 12, 2012

He went into the pig pen!!!

His image is farther down. You'll see.

First I have to admit I am fascinated by the rye. It is being grown to make straw to cover the strawberries. Why are strawberries called straw-berries? Anyone know?

 I just find the rye SO pretty and soothing to look at. It is repetitive. It makes an image of endless repetition. Why is that soothing? Constant. Smooth. Uninterrupted. Soothing. I think it is beautiful to look at.

The dogs look so tiny and protected. The world at the bottom of the rye is a whole different world. Not repetitive and constant, but alive with bugs and rodents and stuff to eat.

 The rain beat it down nearly flat. And I thought it would never stand tall again and that might have ruined it as how would they bale it then? But, some sun and a few days of gentle breeze and it is back up to reaching the sky!!!!


The Indian paint brushes are blooming and SO pretty!!!!

And, here he is!! Pig pen raider!!! See, it was project graduation on Sunday. They had fortune cookies for the graduates. Apparently they had a lot of extras, so the pigs and goats got fortune cookie left overs. They had their FILL, I guess, and some were left in the pens uneaten. I guess you can only eat so many fortune cookies before they get boring. On our walk yesterday we lost Spur. No, he was IN the goat pen eating fortune cookies. This morning we didn't lose Roscoe, I saw him do it!!!! He scooted under the gate into the BIG pig's pen!! OMFG, I was FREAKING out. Those two pigs could kill him in one bite!!!! Plus, I didn't want to have to go in there to rescue him, but as I am FREAKING out and screaming for him to get out, he panics and can't find the hole he snuck under!!!! I HAD to go in and get him!!!! I have NO idea why the pigs stayed sleeping on the other side of the pen, but thank goodness they did. I KNOW pigs can bite!!!! And these are very happy and active pigs. When we visit them and toss them Charlee Bears and bug eaten asparagus stalks they get all excited and RACE around their pens. They are FAST!!!!! Roscoe lives to see another day, but from now on he will be leashed when we go by the pig pen. I guess, I have to admit that a 9lb MinPin isn't really a good farm dog. There is simply too much a tiny dog can get into on a farm. When my vet asks me what my dogs eat. I just say a "variety". I didn't think that included fortune cookies, but now it does. :O Fortune cookies stolen from the pig pen!!!

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