Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We had visitors this morning

The turkey vultures stopped on our chimney this morning when we returned from our walk. Strange. Those are some BIG birds!!!!

 What do you suppose they were doing? Nothing. Just hanging out on our chimney. Wish I had a better camera.
 The last two days have been some crazy weather. Rain, rain and more RAIN. I mean yesterday I sat in my car and waited for it to pass, which it didn't, and watched someone's mulch from their little mailbox, roadside garden just wash away. I mean, it was all gone in about five minutes. The plants were still there, amazingly, but the mulch was far down the road. Poor Roscoe is in a constant state of panic. I never know when to give him his xanax because the storms last all of about five minutes. Then we could go the rest of the day with nothing.

Last week I took these photos of some very pretty flowers. The plants around town are looking INCREDIBLE and I need to get more photos. My gardens are starting to really blossom, although so are the weeds. I have two weeks off starting on the 7th and I do intend to clean up some of the weeds.

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