Monday, June 25, 2012

Our one local AKC trial was over the weekend

And the weather was actually OK!!! Friday was brutally hot, but the other two days were not bad at all!! Amazing!! Usually, it is either nearly unbearable heat or just rain and mud. I got there early on Thursday to get a good spot for our tent. Hey, we get a trail 20 minutes from home once/year I want a good seat!! Found the most perfect "real estate" right under a tree and in prime position!! YAY!! Steve heads over later as I also set up his tent and he calls to tell me someone was trying to MOVE MY TENT!! WHAT???? Can you imagine that??? How rude can one be???? He didn't know them, but spoke to them about it and they stopped.
OMFG!!!! I can't believe someone would actually do that. They were taking up the stakes and getting ready to move the tent. Unbelievable!!!!!

The next morning, thankfully, it was still in it's spot and we enjoyed front row view. :D

Spur did great, which was amazing for how hot it was on Friday. His starts were all pretty good, his speed and happiness was excellent. I was VERY pleased. We made new fans, additions to the Spur Fan Club. Some folks from Canada with super fast dogs came over and commented on how "smart" he was. And asked, of course, what kind of dog. They really liked him. I was beaming with pride!

Lisa's mom made us killer lunches. We had great company, fun runs, good food, what more can you ask for. I only wish I had taken some photos. I have some video. Bits and pieces as my videographers missed some, but for the most part got my runs, just that some are SO far away Spur looks like a tiny speck. The first part of this video we are ALL the way at the other end and unfortunately you can barely see us, he does his tunnel to DW. My friend must have forgot to start videoing so it starts half way through. :P

That last jumpers run was very fun. Not sub-30 time, but almost. .30.28, so not bad. We didn't break a 5 yps jumpers or 4 yps standard, which is my "goal". Of course, my biggest goal is just to have FUN and have Spur happy and fast, which he was all weekend. YAY!!!

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