Friday, June 15, 2012

Such a pretty time of year!

The Indian Paintbrushes are in bloom and the grass is so green and lush. We have had so much rain this month, but now the sun is shining!!!

It makes for nice photos!!!

I have a million like this one...........

Our path.....

My awesome agility yard!! It was the riding ring, but my boarders don't ride and I would rather head out on the trails, so we let the grass grow. It was built to drain well, so even with all the rain it is solid and awesome!!!

Last weekend we headed to Falmouth do rent an agility ring with a friend to do some training on new dogwalks and such. She lives hear a part of the Presumpscot river and it was SO full, but the dogs found places to go in and cool off. Most of those plants shouldn't be in the water!!!!

Roscoe doesn't "do" water............

I thought this was a funny photo. Talk about a disconnect with the dogs! LOL!!!

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