Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lots of videos again!

Class homework on sequence 5, plus an opening that was a buggar for us at class, but he does fine at home. - More threadle work. This is very hard for Spur, jumping into me. We are working on it often, just a few reps before his walks. - Yesterday we went to a new place to train. Did some DW work and he is taking out a hit and is sometimes high. Not sure about jackpotting those or not? He used to take out a hit and miss, so he is figuring out that new striding and getting it, but they are high with little hind leg separation. This was a good set up because it was slightly down hill, which is what caused his last miss at a trial. I sent this to Silvia yesterday. Plus, sequence 6, which he started out kind of slow and worried, then ends up doing pretty well!!!! -

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