Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh, she isn't aging gracefully

Colby turns twelve this month. She has had SO many procedures. Her knee, a mast cell tumor, her eye, it seems like all bad things happen to Colby and she doesn't deserve all that. She is THE sweetest dog and best behaved and nicest and most awesomest dog ever!!! She had to have her teeth cleaned today and 8 of her little incisors had to come out. I promised her I WILL clean her teeth every day once her mouth heals. I have her toothbrush next to might right now, all ready. The boys just never seem to need their teeth cleaned. They chew bones well and manage to keep pearly whites! Roscoe might have SOME tartar, but seriously for as old as he is his mouth looks GOOD. And that's a GOOD thing because HE would be horrible to brush his teeth. :O Colby is good about it, I just didn't keep up. Sorry ole gal, I really am. I set her bed up in the sun next to my chair. She isn't happy..............

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