Saturday, July 2, 2011

AKC trial report!

Roscoe was still kind of down, even for indoors. So much so that he barely made time and got all of ONE MACH point. :O But, two hours after that he ROCKED his standard, but called for a refusal at the tunnel because he went past it some before going in. DARN! Go figure, I have no idea his mind set and why so down in JWW and so up in standard??

Spur missed his weave entry in JWW, not really sure why. Hard entry and I probably applied too much pressure because he went past them and entered wrong, but otherwise ran great. Then he FREAKIN’ ROCKED his standard for a fourth place out of 28 12” dogs!! He was beat only by some WICKED fast dogs. His time was 44.12, which is a really nice time! I TOTALLY got in his way on my blind after the a-frame. Doi! He was going faster than I expected. His teeter was iffy, I really need to make sure he rides it all the way down. That would have been a fair fly off call, had she called it.

He was the ONLY mixed breed there today! :D Very proud of my little mutt!!

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