Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All clear!

Roscoe's blood panel came back perfect. So, his aging is just that......aging. Nothing more to worry about, which is nice to know. :D He is an old man and I have to accept that. He sure wasn't pleased with his vet visit. Vet tried to clean one waxy ear. I told her I never clean his ears. They never look dirty. She did just that one and.......OH MY.......the drama!! She then said she sees why I don't clean his ears. LOL!!! Again, she had more new girls there. It makes me NUTS. She so badly needs an office manager. All the other vets have left, for what ever reason, I don't know. It's kind of unnerving. But, she gives me a nice discount, just cuz. She and I go way back and she does treat me well. I totally trust HER, I just hate the turn over of office help there. Oi!!!

Made a movie of Spur's contacts at the trial last weekend. He sure isn't as fast as in training, but I do like how he is adjusting. And I LOVE how he turns so tight into the tunnel off the dog walk. We have not trained that, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did!!! Good Little Monkey Pants!!! Love the two strided down. I also notice he has learned he doesn't need to jump the apex's, he can run along them and that makes for easier stride adjustments, I think. He is SO figuring it out on his own!!!

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