Tuesday, July 19, 2011

still no computer!!

I am always amzed at how much I miss it. Actually, right now it's all about my obsession with running dog walks!! I want to make a movie of Spur's DW's from the trial. I watched them in the TV and he has some unusual striding. I am simply amazed at how he is adjusting and still hitting the contact so nicely!! And he is ever so slowly getting faster. Does that make sense? "Slowly getting faster"? LOL!!

Have I mentioned I am obsessed???? I think It must be a high of some sort. Like a drug I am addicted to it. I don't feel bad about that. I could be addicted to drugs or alcohol or jewelry or shoes, maybe chocolate, but no I am addicted to RDW training.

There were two dogs at the trial with SICK fast RDW's, but they were not consistent. I wanted to ask how they trained them, but never did. It will be curious if Spur stays as consistent as he gains confidence and speed. Silvia says it will only get better. I am seeing that lately, but it is hard to believe. His usual striding has been 2-3-3 and a couple ovet the weekend were 2-3-2, which is amazing!!!


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