Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where am I?

I am on vacation!!! Have been since my last post!! YAY!! Two FULL weeks off!! What am I doing? Well, a ton of stuff, packed full two weeks. Last week I visited with my highschool best friend!! She lives in TX, so that was wicked fun! Took her out for a boat ride with her new guy and then out for a nice dinner in town. Awesome! Then a visit home to see my mom. Wonderful visit and watched the Castine fireworks, which were awesome. Lots of crazy shapes! Hearts, figure 8's, smiley faces, very unique fireworks!!! Ate fried squid at the local lunch spot. Yum!!!

Last week I took photos of the "Sunflower project". They have planted huge fields of sunflowers for sunflower oil which will be used by restaurants, then recycled into biofuel. How cool is that?? AND, just imagine how pretty this is going to be when they bloom.......

Enjoy this week. If you like heat today is for you. If you don't, well......you are complaining like me. >:/ NOT my favorite weather. I am sitting inside with a fan on and posting on my blog. LOL!!! But, I will settle down to another book. Just finished "Tails of an African Vet" that my dad gave me for my birthday. Fun little book.

So, I may not post again for a while. I am off on Thursday for three days of BARK trial. YAY!!! Climate controlled building with awesome field turf and the dogs love it. Great hotel, fun friends, should be an awesome time. Spur loves it there. I leave you with a cool photo. Did you know Rosa Regosa petals are heart shaped? -

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