Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another small trial!

NO videos, damn it! He had one of his best Jumpers runs EVAH!! A 23+ second run, beating all the dog's times! Amazing!!!! He won his PGP and got his fifth pairs leg with a good friend. It was a very fun trial. So small we did SIX runs by 3:00!! My kind of trial!!!! Spur loved it!!

Roscoe may have run his last run. I have scratched him from all other trials. He just isn't running that well and I am starting to suspect he may be older than 12. Goodness, I can't believe I may be running a dog nearly 14? But, it sure is possible. He hasn't been that into it at trials. Still crazy, nutty, super high and super fun in class and seminars, but losing some steam. Tomorrow morning we go in for a full blood panel. Haven't done that in two years and I feel bad about that, but he is always so healthy. Colby is the one that always needs some medical care.

I just feel he isn't into it at trials at all any more. He used to be hot or cold, but now it's just cold, it seems. So, maybe that was his last trial run. We will see. Maybe some pairs runs where he can run second. He always likes those where he has to wait while the first dog runs. Go figure, but waiting at the start always makes him a little nutty.

So glad the heat is gone. That really is just plain miserable for me. The flies LOVE the heat and the poor horses are miserable. Fly spray works for about five minutes. Then it dries and the flies bite again. Tonight, nice and cool.

Had a lady over today who wants to bring her old gelding here. YAY!! We LOVE the old geldings!! I hope it works out.

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