Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet Jazz!

She says he isn't fat. Um.....really??? I think he's pretty FAT! She wants to put even more weight on him. I can't understand that, unless he loses so much in the winter months. That would happen with Gabe. He sure looks fat to me right now.
He reminds me so much of Gabe. Just a nice ole fella!!! Mellow, easy going, no fuss, a gentleman!

The girls are IN LOVE! Jewel first, she went instantly into heat. He's gelded, but whatever, he's a HE! LOL!! Precious didn't like him at first because Jewel liked him so much, but now I see/hear her flirting with him. Goodness, mare flirting can sound so crazy!!!! We are very happy to have him here!!! Hopefully, he will live out his days here.

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