Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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This first one is PIII Standard. He had a tunnel sucking issue. Took the red tunnel TWICE after the table when he was supposed to do the dog walk. Nice dog walk Spurminator!!! Two strided down! WOW!! His norm is a three strided down, so it's cool he is adjusting and getting it in different strides.

I know, I know, hard to see the tiny black dot. I really must get people to zoom in. He sure looks happy, though, doesn't he? He had a GREAT time at that trial. And never tired. He would have happily done the last run on Sunday, but I was tired. He has amazing stamina!!!!

Performance Grand Prix -

We had a few bobbles, but he was having a blast!!

Performance Speed Jumping first round -

We placed second to Blink, the super fast sheltie run by John Nyes (think World Team sheltie Rush! John runs Rush).

Performance Speed Jumping finals -

I love how our fans cheer us on! Very exciting and fun!! Spur LOVED it!!! Again, he was second to Blink, BUT only by 2.5 seconds. He has been consistently 4-5 seconds slower than Blink, but not this run!!! :D Good Little Monkey Pants!

Laura! Blogger won't let me post a reply to your comment for some stupid reason. Here is my reply - Laura, I think because of the stationary start he does a three strided up. He normally does 2-3-3. So, he his last third stride on the top ramp was nearly on top of the second apex, he was farther down starting his first stride down and he second got him deep in. :D


  1. Interesting that his 3 hit down was from a standstill!

  2. Good Job! He seems like a great dog!