Sunday, July 3, 2011

Second day AKC trial report

Love, love, LOVE this trial! They run all excellent runs first, so we were done by noon!!!! That is so awesome for me, as a morning person I get my agility trial done, then head home for a nice long walk and get stuff done around the house, too!!

Roscoe was again just OK. He at least got all of FIVE MACH points in JWW today. Missed his weave entry in standard, strange thing. Both dogs did. I think the weaves were hard to see with the pattern of the wall perhaps? You will see in Spur's video here that it seems like he simply didn't see them. He had already NQ's after the teeter by taking the chute instead of going to the table, so when he did do the weaves I tried a fancy blind cross after. We practice that, but I am never brave enough to do it at a trial. Worked great!

Spur had another awesome day, looking HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and showing off for all his fans and he has a LOT of fans!!!! He had a blast!!!

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