Thursday, February 28, 2013

Almost done!

Still some painting left to do, but for all intents and purposes we are DONE!! The floors got finished in the closet room, so that was the last thing. Oh, well, we still need to put on the drawer pulls and door pulls and put up a towel ring. Minor details! And, of course, some art work. Then a rug and maybe a storage ottoman? Something for shoes?

 Rich's dad made the mirrors!

Everyone freaks out about the open shower, but really it isn't THAT scary!!! It fogs up quickly and you are then "hidden" inside.

Over three months to get this re-model done!!! Should have taken three weeks. I wish I had taken before photos. I'll just tell you it wasn't pretty. We built the house when we had no money to spare and it was done CHEAP. That meant that things start to fall apart after 20 years. The old shower was FALLING APART. It was LONG over due to be fixed. And the bedroom that was where the closet room is was never used. It had started to become the junk room. That's no good!!! And, if needed, I think we could put a blow up bed in the closet room for company. We probably would never need it, we have another full spare bedroom, plus the office pull out couch. And a futon in Renae's office. We have enough space, I think. It is VERY nice to now have decent closet space!!

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