Monday, February 11, 2013

Damn snow!

So, storm Nemo can through and dumped 34" of snow here. I feel "lucky" as we had such high winds that my dog yard was pretty clear. HOWEVER.......this massive drift landed on my fence and gate and right in front of Jazz's stall door.

 The bummer about it is I had to shovel out Jazz's door AND as this melts it will sag my fence. I have new photos of that, as I just returned from digging it out as much as I could, but no time to load them this morning. The photos just don't do it justice.
Poor Colby was just starting to really enjoy her snow free farms walks. I am afraid it is going to take a very long time to get rid of this snow. She just doesn't do well in the snow. She can't see well in it and the footing is too hard for her. She likes her regular farm paths, where she knows the curves, the stumps, the footing really well. And it is too deep for Spur at the moment. I need to get out and pack down a snow shoe path for him. Oi!!

Class video from two weeks ago. This was a Master's Challenge course from a trial our instructor attended. It was fun! Lots of pushes, which we are working on.

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