Monday, February 25, 2013

Very, VERY unhappy with the latest 12" of snowfall.

But, it does make for pretty pictures!!

 He was happy until the snow balls piled up SO bad on his fur he could hardly move. He is now melting on the couch. This is very sticky and thick snow. Not much fun to shovel or for a furry dog to play for long in. I HATE snow! I am DONE WITH SNOW!!!
 Our "finished" bathroom. We need to hang some art and the door and some curtains and paint the sashes on the windows, but basically.......DONE!!! Rich's dad made those mirrors. The stain was the SAME stain as the vanity, but the wood just didn't absorb it the same. I'm OK with the color, I think they look nice!
 Not sure how Roscoe got between the bathroom photos, but whatever. Rotten Roscoe's idea of a snow day. He is even MORE unhappy than I am about it! He recharges easily, so this angelic scene doesn't last long. Soon he is driving us all crazy!!!

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