Friday, March 1, 2013

We saw the sun two days ago

And had a LOVELY snow shoe!

 He saw a guy skiing. My little pointer!!!

 The crossroads.
 We went left. It doesn't matter, both end up in the same spot.

 The dork, leading the blind, followed by the dork.
The "blind" did well!! Really well!! She has been doing SO well lately! I guess I should get a blood test and see how her strangely high BUN value is. She is even eating hard cookies and gnawed on a raw bone the other day! It is a remarkable turn around!!!

 It was SUCH a pretty day. Two days ago.
Now we are in gloom. Damp, cold, grey days. And too "warm" for good walks because it is all turning to slush. Slush, mud, muck. It sure has been a nasty winter, so far. And to think that March can often be the snowiest month? I really would like some dry ground. REALLY!!!

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