Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gift to my dad

So, I often give Dad a book. Something to do with animals or especially horses. But, for Christmas he gave me a book on dog tricks. Well, my dogs know most of the tricks! LOL!! There are some advanced tricks that they don't know, like naming objects. I decided to make him a little video of as many tricks as I could think of in a short time. After making this I remember a bunch more, but five minutes is a pretty long video!

Poor Colby has not done her scent discrimination in a long time and because she is nearly blind she stumbled on the dumb bells. That bummed her out, but she still did it for me, good girlie! I think if I revisit that I need to do it on a plain floor, not that brightly colored rug!!! It also made it hard for Spur to see his toys to put away. I should have spread them out more.


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